Feiko Mintjes

Painter - Draftsman - Illustrator

Travelling the corners of the world, having finished my studies at the Rietveld Academy, I studied the flora and fauna of the Netherlands as an illustrator freelance working mostly for nature organisations during the 20 years I co-owned a studio in graphic- and 3D design and illustration. 

As I observed and studied nature and the human body, then health methods to start practicing as a health practitioner giving me insights in the working of our body, and as a Japanese martial arts instructor, teaching body skills, I found that all is leading to the one thing that is essential to life.

That is our nature.

We do not possess a soul in our body, as our body is only a vehicle of the soul we carry. We are all part of nature, nature being part of us, there is really no distinction.

Beyond what we believe to exist, In seeing That, there is no limit.

To draw is to observe, for all the eye can see, yet it is our nature, the spirit of life that we might see, once we truly do. We’re only just rippling waves on a vast ocean that we call life.

And it is ours to live it.